Friday, February 5, 2010

The Birth of My Blog

My name is Amanda. I share my life with an amazing partner Brenty-Boo and 3 fur kids, Donald, Libby and George. I have been living the raw lifestyle since April 2009.

I am travelling in the car with my sweet, supportive partner (also known as Brenty-Boo)...listening to Pink Floyd while typing up my first blog post and it feels so good. I know it’s time to create a place where I can share all of my kitchen creations, tried and tinkered recipes, and meet some amazing new friends.

There is so much to learn about this very special lifestyle, and I love every bit of this experience. What started out as an experiment has become so much more. My eating has changed, my lifestyle has changed, my outlook has changed, and I have evolved.

My Journey
It all began the summer of 2008. Little did I know that my weekend marathon of making raw gourmet cuisine would escalate into a whole new way of life, one in which I am eternally grateful for.

Where do I begin? Looking back it feels like the way I was living my life could not possibly be my past...I have made so many huge changes. Chronically always sick with colds, flues, ear infections, battling depression, the future path for my health did not look promising. In 2007 I made the decision to stop taking birth control for health reasons and because my body had been functioning on this drug for over 10 years. The results were terrible and left me with many issues, acne being the most troublesome problem. I decided from that point on to take control of my health and the only logical starting point seemed to be food. I began by cutting out dairy, and then meat. As a vegetarian in my teenage years, removing meat from my diet was not very difficult. I eventually progressed to a vegan diet, and then naturally evolved to a raw food lifestyle. I refer to raw foods as a lifestyle rather then a diet because fundamentally it is a way of life, not just diet related. This process was one of the most rewarding learning experiences and the beginning of a whole new way of living life.

I was immediately hooked on raw from the first few recipes I tried. I did not adapt to a completely raw diet overnight, but rather at a more gradual pace. I eat raw foods because my system loves them. Trusting in your intuition and listening to your body will help you to incorporate raw living foods at a more comfortable pace.

I am passionate about food and have been for a long time. I want to help spread the word about the raw foods lifestyle through my passion because it has given to me so many gifts, beyond nutrition. Emotions of happiness and stress both seems to bring me to my safe spot, the kitchen, where I am constantly preparing raw foods for Brenty-Boo and myself because they make our taste buds sing and nourish our body too. It’s so gratifying to see someone taste raw food for the first time and watch as their eyes dance because their tongues are too busy licking their lips.

100% Raw
For me transitioning to a raw lifestyle means creating a healthier and better quality life, so if we focus too much on what percentage of raw we are it can actually cause us stress. Your goal should be to live 100% healthy and to become in tune with your body. I truly believe that once you reconnect with your body it will begin to communicate what it needs to be strong and healthy. I have discovered that if you give your body the adequate time it requests to balance out, it will converse to you it’s nutritional requirements.

Today I am at a much better place with my physical and emotional health. I feel better then ever, and I look forward to each day.

I love raw foods; eating them, sharing them and of course making them!

I look forward to meeting some awesome people and sharing recipes, information about the raw lifestyle and so much more.

Cheers to this life, new friends, love and raw food!

Luv Amanda

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