Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Well it's all about blending the last few days since my body is trying to repair itself from the reaction I had to, what I speculate is bananas, which I wrote about here. I have been craving the calories and carbs from fresh fruit, so that's exactly what was on the menu today for lunch. Brent went to pick up some goodies at the health food store and I whipped up a yummy and simple to digest smoothie.


Mango Raspberry Smoothie

2 Ataulfo mangos (the small yellow ones)
any mango will do
2 cups of frozen raspberries
3 medjool dates
1/2 cup water

Blend until smooth.
So simple, super delicious and a shade of pretty pink, which reminds me of spring.
Just what I needed for energy.

Someone else finds the smoothie appetizing...

...our curious George!

Since last few days have been rough on my body, I have been concentrating on greens and algae for healing and lots of fresh fruit for hydration and calories. I always try to heal my body from the inside out and have found that to be a productive system. With that said, I was really desperate to get something topical to help relieve the redness, swelling, scaling and bumps from the rash on my face. In the past I have not had much success with creams, beauty products, etc. They just don't work for my sensitive skin and I usually tend to have a reaction to them. Water and a facecloth works good for me with a little coconut oil. Out of desperation I decided to research a product line sold at our local health food store called Dermae. I settled on the Tea Tree and E Antiseptic Crème which seemed best suited for my problem. I must say, it works awesome! It really did take some of the redness away. There was more improvement after two applications of this cream then there has been all week. I still have a long way to go before I look like my ol' self, but I am trying to be patient in hopes of a speedy recovery.

On a lighter note, I showed Brent my blog page last night and he said; "top drawer", lol. Then he said; "hey, I eat that...and that...", as he pointed to the photos. I happy to have this place to share with others, and thrilled to see some new followers, it's exciting! My hope is that this blog will become a unifying comfy place to bring all the like-minded people and those interested in health together.

Happy hump day! Hope you had a wicked Wednesday :)


  1. Your smoothie has such beautiful color and glad kitty liked it too!


  2. The smoothie sounds great....!! Thanks for sharing... hopefully you will be feeling well again very shortly.

  3. Pam Cakes: I think the smoothie was pretty too, and yummy. Georgie boy wishes he could have enjoyed some...maybe next time ;)

    RawDad: The smoothie really was delicious. I wanted something fat free and banana free. Although I like to make gourmet desserts, on a daily basis I try to mono eat my fruit or consume it minus the added fats for easy digestion. Thanks for the get well message, it made me smile :)