Saturday, February 13, 2010

Eat Fruit Feel Good

My friend Bryne Carruthers, Health/Raw Food Educator and Nutritional Counsellor, gave a wonderful talk on Thursday at the Lotus Wings In Perth, Ontario. The course was called; “Eat Fruit Feel Good”.

I met Bryne through my dear friends Denise Carpenter and Catherine Jane, owners of Lotus Wings. Both felt that Bryne and I should connect, and am I ever glad we did! We hit it off and I gained a new friend.

I arrived early to help Bryne setup. I was assigned the task of blender girl, yay! As I approached the counter where the fruit was waiting to be blended I could see the big bad beauty there, glowing. I was like a kid in a candy store...but managed to contain myself. I had never used this powerful machine that surely most of you have heard of; the almighty Vitamix.

Bryne showed me how to use it because it is quite powerful and we wouldn’t want to kill all the enzymes with a beginner’s need-for-speed ;)

We made a delicious daterade, which was Bryne’s recipe. Basically it consisted of soaked dates blended with water. It would serve as a lovely coffee or latte substitute, especially with a little nut milk, mmmm. By adding banana to the daterade instead of fats and vanilla you could make a super thick and sweet vanilla latte, while still respecting the principles of Bryne’s teaching of food combination for improved digestion.

Bryne’s course consists of four classes. The first class outline on Thursday covered; Bryne’s story, the diet, fruit, fat, protein, and calories. I learned a lot and really enjoyed Bryne’s approach, relaxed and genial.

I plan to be Bryne’s assistant for the following 3 weeks. The bonus is that I get to soak in all the valuable education goodness that Bryne has to offer.

One part of the assigned homework, eat fruit! That’s yummy homework ;)

Life is good, keep it alive!


  1. Cool... I enjoy B's comments on 30Bad and GI2MR... he certainly is a great source of information and a caring individual.

    Lucky You !!

  2. Fore sure, Bryne is quite knowledgeable in matters of health. Packs quite a wit too! :)Congrats to you for lending support to getting the good word out.

  3. Thanks guys :)

    Great post Amanda, thanks again for the kudos. I love the part you wrote about your love at first sight encounter with the Vitamix :D

  4. Wow, look at all the comments!

    RawDad: Yes, Bryne is indeed a great source of information and very a caring individual. I am grateful for his friendship :)

    Angus: THANKS!

    Windlord: Bryne is a knowledgeable character and it's my pleasure to spread the word.

    AND Bryne: You are completely worthy of this post, and I am glad that you enjoyed my post about you. I thought you may like that part about the Vitamix :D

  5. "...I could see the big bad beauty there, glowing."

    at first I thought you were talking about B himself ;)

    Someone should have taking pictures of him operating the vitamix, maybe next time.

  6. B definitrly glows Xerxes. Perhaps Thursday I could take a photo of Bryne operating his Vitamix!